Accountability Units elevate, progress and success

Accountability Peers

Group accountability is the cornerstone of a thriving community where members support each other’s journeys, hold each other responsible for commitments, and encourage continuous progress. It’s a culture of shared responsibility, where every member recognizes that their actions directly impact the collective’s success.

Within a Unit, each member is part of a squad of six professionals managed by a certified accountability guide.  And, a Unit is only as good as its weakest member, therefore, we have a strict commitment to culture to foster positive reinforcement, collaboration, encouragement, and success. Meeting every other week during a planning/review session, Unit Members share accomplishments and upcoming goals. Additionally, members engagement in a daily group thread highlighting yesterday’s completed task and today’s objectives.  Accountability is at the forefront for every Unit.

Task Management

You won’t be going it alone!  Your Unit’s Certified Accountability Guide will help you 1) setup your goals; 2) manage your tasks and 3) track progress.  Unit planning and review sessions keep your goals, tasks and progress on pace with your growth!

Goal Setting

Often discussed, rarely empowered,  goal setting is a fluid, ever-changing dynamic that needs to be set, tracked and reviewed,…. regularly.

Using modern technology, your Certified Guide will help you document the goals you know for certain, and over time, help you establish goals you may not even have realized were there.

Once formalized, your progress is tracked and visualized to provide you with meaningful insight into both personal and professional growth.

"My Success Unit has been a game-changer by providing support, guidance, and collective accountability."

- Al Wagner, Founder

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